Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Our Future with Social Media

Gerd Leonhard is a futurist in the Media, Technology and Communication Industries. On the video below, he talks about social media and how he thinks it will change the way we live, communicate and make money in the near future. He also talks about the probable consequences of these changes on privacy, advertising, intellectual property and business paradigms.

It is very interesting.

PS: you can skip the first 60 seconds of the video. The introduction is not worth watching.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Collection of Interesting News and Facts

Due to the fact that I have been out of time lately, I stopped writing for a little while. During these few weeks I found various interesting subjects that I would like to have written about.

As long as I cannot write about them all, I decided to list some of them and provide links to sites on which they can be found.

A Delicate Balance of Sexual Identity

By Gretchen Vogel

ScienceNOW Daily News

The Psychology of Climate Change Denial

By Brandon Keim

Wired Science

Shroud of Turin Not Jesus', Tomb Discovery Suggests

Mati Milstein in Jerusalem

National Geographic News

Five laws of human nature

Michael Marshall

New Scientist

Cancer genomes reveal risks of sun and smoke

Brendan Borrell

Nature News

Wahn und Visionen

Jörg Böckem

Spiegel Online

Rudiments of Language Discovered in Monkeys

Brandon Keim

Wired Science

We May Be Born With an Urge to Help


The New York Times

FUTURE HUMANS: Four Ways We May, or May Not, Evolve

James Owen

National Geographic

Le réchauffement climatique pourrait atteindre 7 degrés en 2100

Le Monde

Genes That Make Us Human



Brain scanners can tell what you're thinking about

Ewen Callaway

New Scientist

The Things People Say

Rumors in an Age of Unreason

Elizabeth Kolbert

The New Yorker

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