Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What Would Aliens Look Like?

If we ever happen to find complex extraterrestrial life, it is extremely unlikely that the aliens would resemble us, like the ones that are portrayed in the movies or described in pseudoscientific ufology reports.

The short video below explains why and shows what alien life forms might possibly look like.

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  1. Alexandre-this discussion of alien lifeforms is a most interesting one. Hollywood has indeed greatly influenced our psyches concerning the look/actions of other species but I prefer most of the contributors' take on it more so.
    Although I do not agree with the gentleman who stated the human design is somewhat flawed-in my opinion, God does not make mistakes.
    Thank you for making me truly think this early on a Sunday morning! :-)
    And thank you for visiting & joining KimmyStyle, it is most appreciated, cheers my friend.

  2. it's always fun to exercise one's imagination and conjecture on things one doesn't yet know.